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The AG Court

I appear fairly regularly in AG court cases. The AG court is more properly called the Title IV-D Master’s Court, referring to a provision in the Texas Family Code. Regardless, you can also think of it as the child support court because that’s what usually goes on there. There is only one way for a […]


Many times when I sit down with a new client to talk about their case my first question is “who is your judge?”  To many clients, this seems unimportant and most of them can’t even tell me the name of the person who will be deciding their case.  To me, this question is perhaps the […]

“Son, when you turn 12 you get to choose to come live with me.”

I get some variation of this statement almost every week.  Someone comes to the office either asking when their child can choose to live with them or furious that the other parent is doing everything in his or her power to get the child to utter the magic words – “I want to live with […]

Common Law Marriage

Hardly a week goes by that I don’t get some version of “We have lived together for (fill in number) of (fill in months or years).  That means we are common-law married, right?” Common-law or informal marriage has been around in Texas for many, many years.  My personal theory is that it was something the […]

What Is Texas Intestacy Law?

Intestacy refers to dying intestate, which means dying without a will. When intestacy occurs, the estate must go through probate and the court decides how to distribute assets to heirs based on state laws. Who inherits based on intestacy laws? “Intestate succession” is the legal term used for passing assets to heirs based on intestacy. […]


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