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Parental rights and visitation in Texas

Parents have a right to enjoy a meaningful relationship with their children, whether together or divorced. Children need the love and attention of both parents. The point of visitation is to foster and promote healthy parent-child relationships.

Unless a parent’s rights have been limited for good cause, a parent in Texas should enjoy these rights:

  • The right to receive information from the other parent concerning the health, education and welfare of the child
  • The right to communicate with the other parent to the extent possible before making a decision concerning the health, education and welfare of the child
  • The right of access to medical, dental, psychological and educational records of the child
  • The right to consult with a physician, dentist or psychologist of the child
  • The right to consult with school officials concerning the child’s welfare and educational status, including school activities
  • The right to attend school activities
  • The right to be designated on the child’s records as a person to be notified in case of an emergency
  • The right to consent to medical, dental and surgical treatment during an emergency involving an immediate danger to the health and safety of the child
  • The right to manage the estate of the child to the extent the estate has been created by the parent or the parent’s family
  • The right to be informed of significant information concerning the health, education and welfare of the child by the other parent in a timely manner

In a divorce or a custodial action, permission granted by the court to a noncustodial parent to visit the child is called visitation. Child custody may also refer to visitation rights extended to the grandparents.

Visitation and child support are not interdependent

Visitation and child support are not dependent on each other. If a parent fails to provide one, you may not withhold the other for that reason. For example, even if a parent is not paying child support as ordered by the court, you are not legally allowed to refuse visitation due to the parent’s failure to pay. Likewise, it is not permissible to stop paying child support because the other parent is withholding your visitation.

If you are being affected by a circumstance similar to this, contact a certified divorce attorney in Georgetown, Texas to assist in resolving the issue.

Grandparents’ visitation in Texas

Grandparents have rights, too. As a grandparent, you may have the legal right and the motivation for various reasons to seek child custody of your grandchild. Although it has been made somewhat difficult in recent years by various court rulings, it is sometimes possible for grandparents to obtain visitation rights. More importantly, grandparents are often the best alternative for relative placement of a child in the even neither parent is fit to exercise custody. If you believe your grandchildren are in danger of abuse or neglect, don’t wait for the state to intervene. Seek advice from a qualified Texas family law attorney today.

When is visitation not allowed?

While it is beneficial to the well-being of a child to have interaction with both parents, visitations right may be taken away if the conduct of a parent puts the child’s physical or emotional welfare at risk. Some factors a court considers in deciding whether to limit or suspend parental visitation include:

  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Physical, verbal or sexual abuse
  • Poor choices
  • Unfit parent

Skilled Georgetown, TX child visitation attorney secures your visitation rights

If you have concerns regarding visitation, contact a knowledgeable family law attorney to discuss your options. Kevin Henderson Attorney at Law offers reliable legal services to Williamson County, Round Rock, Austin, Temple, and Bastrop. I am experienced and qualified to handle any family law issue you are facing. Contact my office today for your consultation at 512-887-1996 or contact me online.

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