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Divorce is the legal means by which a marriage is dissolved. The State of Texas does not recognize “legal separation” under the Texas Family Code. But temporary orders may be issued by a court to address any issues that require immediate attention after filing for divorce. A temporary order could, for instance, award exclusive use of the house to one spouse, with the other spouse ordered to move out.

Using mediation to resolve issues in a Texas divorce

Mediation is often used to resolve issues in a divorce. Because mediation is informal in nature and costs less than going to court, it has many advantages for divorcing couples. Mediation can be less traumatic than a lawsuit for the divorcing couple, if both parties are open to it. Mediation can also be used for post-divorce disputes.

An attorney can mediate divorce issues. Court-ordered mediation can also take place, when a judge orders it and appoints a mediator. A mediator can help the parties resolve virtually any issue in a divorce, including division of property, child custodychild visitation, child and spousal support and modifications of pre-existing divorce orders.

I am a Georgetown family lawyer with extensive experience in mediation. Contact my Georgetown law firm today. I can represent you regardless of whether your case is litigated or resolved through mediation.

Residency requirement for divorce in Texas

Before you can get a divorce in Texas, you have to meet certain residency requirements. Filing for a Texas divorce requires that either you or your spouse be a state resident for at least six months immediately preceding the date on which the divorce filing occurs. Also, either you or your spouse have to be residing in the county where you file for divorce for a period of at least 90 days immediately preceding the date on which the divorce filing occurs.

Divorce of military personnel is also subject to residency requirements. Members of the military who were not previously residents of Texas may file for divorce in the state if stationed at one or more military installation in Texas for at least the last six months, and at a military installation in a county of the state for at least 90 days.

I can help you determine if you meet the residency requirements for filing for a divorce in Texas courts.

Texas divorce statistics

The Texas Department of State Health Services indicates that more than 82,000 divorces were reported in 2010. Divorce affected the lives of almost 65,000 children under 18. Still, more than half of all divorces for which the number of children was known involved no children. Approximately twenty percent of divorces affected one child only.

Let an experienced divorce attorney help with your Texas divorce

Contact a Georgetown, Texas certified divorce attorney for a consultation to discuss your case. At Kevin Henderson Attorney at Law, I represent clients in Georgetown, throughout all of Williamson County and the surrounding counties, including Round Rock, Austin, Temple and Bastrop.  Contact me online.

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