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Family legal disputes do not have to end up in the courtroom. Through mediation, you may be able to resolve disagreements related to divorce and other issues using a method that is usually less contentious and costly. At Kevin Henderson Attorney at Law, I am a Georgetown attorney and former judge who has more than 40 years of experience assisting Texans who are going through divorce. My law firm serves clients throughout Williamson County.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of mediation?

There are several advantages to mediation. Typically, mediation is:

  • Faster — The parties involved control the timetable rather than waiting on court dates and proceedings.
  • Less expensive — As resolution is achieved without the time and procedure associated litigation, mediation usually costs less in attorney’s fees and related expenses. Moreover, mediator costs may be shared between spouses.
  • More private — Unlike family law trials, mediation proceedings are confidential so personal issues stay private.

In some cases, such as when domestic violence is alleged or there is a high degree of animosity between spouses, mediation may not be advantageous. Once I learn the details of your situation, I can advise you whether it could be a useful option in your case.

What issues can family law mediation services address?

Mediation can help resolve family law disagreements pertaining to:

  • Property and debt division
  • Disposition of the marital residence
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Spousal support

As a divorce lawyer in Georgetown, Texas, I have spent years working to resolve conflicts in all of these family law areas. I draw on this experience to help divorcing spouses and parents pursue the best possible outcome.

What can I expect from family law mediation?

Working with a neutral third-party mediator, I will guide you so that you can achieve mutually agreeable resolutions to your family law issues. Successful mediation depends on the complexity of the issues and the willingness of each spouse to resolve them outside of court. High net worth divorces might require extra sessions as there is often more to work out regarding property division. I have represented clients in mediations in a wide range of cases and look forward to learning how I can help bridge the gap that exists in your marital dissolution or parenting dispute.

What is a mediation settlement agreement?

A mediation settlement agreement is a formal, written document detailing the terms related to property division, child custody and other areas that were agreed upon during the mediation process. The divorcing parties and their attorneys sign the settlement agreement, which then forms the basis of a final order to be signed by the court. When agreement cannot be reached through mediation, cases will proceed toward trial.

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At Kevin Henderson Attorney at Law in Georgetown, Texas, I help Williamson County clients resolve family law disputes through mediation. To schedule a consultation, call my firm at 512-887-1996 or contact me online.

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